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Seller Warranty Description
WARRANTY: Prime Fighter products are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use, for a period of 1 year from date of shipment. Prime Fighter Sports Gear shall not be responsible for any expense other than repair or replacement of defective or missing parts. No other claims will be acceptable. Use of any sports equipment subjects the user to risk of injury; therefore, users of products in this or our online catalog must assume all responsibility for injury. Make sure equipment is in good condition and properly mounted or fastened before use. RETURNS: We will gladly accept and refund price of unused merchandise (except for special orders or used equipment) for a period of 30 days from date of purchase; however, we do charge a 15% restocking fee. Shipping charges are not refundable. It is the shipper's responsibility to properly pack any retuned goods to insure safe arrival. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the shipper and must be prepaid.