Prime Fighter Sports Gear - Why BUY from Prime Fighter?? - Achieve Excellence
 Prime Fighter Sports Gear  is an independently owned sporting goods manufacturer and retailer located in the nation's Midwest.  Prime Fighter Sports Gear is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the 12 models we make. Meaning, you cannot get our units anywhere else in the world. We focus on providing high-quality Punching Bag Platforms manufactured  from the bottom up in the USA. Customer Satisfaction is our goal.. and we have built a sound reputation on it.  Because we are the designer and manufacture of the punching bag platforms and wall mounts we can offer personal advice  before and after the sale. Prime Fighter's staff are among the most talented in the industry. Since Prime Fighter Sports Gear designed the platforms, we can customize certain aspects of the punching bag platforms to your specifications as long as it does not affect the stability or function of the unit.  Since Prime Fighter  is centrally located the customer saves money on the shipping cost -  most of the platforms are relatively heavy which makes them stable but naturally  more expensive to ship. If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to  inquire in an email to
For 25+ years we have been designing and building Heavy Bag Platforms , Heavy Bag Wall Mounts and  Speed Bag Wall Mounts  including Freestanding speed / heavy  bag stands for Fitness, Martial Arts, Boxing and MMA enthusiasts.  At this time we manufacture 12 different models.  Many of our punching bag platforms are height adjustable and many are easily  interchangeable  holding  both  a speed bag and a heavy bag or 2 heavy bags at once.   Our industrial strength  models  1000, 1000A400, 700, 700A and 700B  are professional grade speed bag and heavy bag platforms   Prime Fighter platforms have an excellent reputation for our high quality professional grade boxing stands. They hold up year after year in Gyms, Schools, Clubs and Military Bases . However many customers have bought the professional platforms for their home use. We have incorporated our patented counter balance system into some of our professional grade  Speed Bag and Heavy Bag  Platforms -Prime Fighter models 400, 1000 and 1000A. 
Our freestanding platforms are unique in the fact that they are made unequally stable because of the innovative built in weighted base designed by Prime Fighter Sports Gear.